Every first week in November, coinciding with the start of the RSV season, in collaboration with the RSV Patient Network, we launch an awareness campaign.

Even though RSV is associated with substantial disease burden in infants, young children, and the elderly, it’s still an unknown disease, with a high lack of awareness on its risks and complications among parents, the general public and healthcare professionals.

In addition to November’s campaign, PROMISE is committed to raise awareness all year round and contribute to educate the general public and health care professionals on RSV and the importance of early diagnosis and prevention.

Patients and their families, whose lives have been affected by RSV, offer below their valuable testimonial and advice to identify, prevent and deal with this sometimes life-threatening disease.

During RSV Awareness Week 2022, Rachael shared her experience with RSV and the devastating impact it had on her family.

Esther described her experience with RSV and the effects it had on her daughter Elynn, who had severe complications after being infected twice.