Partner ReSViNET  will develop and conduct two online surveys targeting parents, pregnant women, and elderly people with the objective to identify barriers to RSV immunisation. Several products preventing RSV infection are expected to be eligible for licensure during the time period the PROMISE project is active or soon thereafter. The PAB has identified several challenges to introducing RSV immunisations in the future and, thus, the objective of this exercise is to understand barriers to have the vulnerable population groups vaccinated. These could be related to the lack of awareness of RSV infection or the general challenges to introducing a novel vaccine (vaccine confidence/vaccine hesitancy).

The first survey is to be launched during the first months of the project (May – July 2022) and the second survey towards the end of the project (end of 2023). Surveys will be launched in EU countries (including Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Finland, and France) to identify these barriers.

More information on the first survey will be coming soon.

Contact us if you would like to participate in the surveys