Various patient engagement activities are regularly organised by the RSV PAB  and the partner ReSViNET. These sessions are an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss the development of RSV immunisation and other therapeutic strategies and to facilitate their introduction and acceptance by citizens.

Stakeholder sessions

Under the leadership of the RSV PAB, the project organises stakeholder engagement meetings with involvement of academia, (inter)national public health agencies, EPFIA, regulators, decision makers and others.

Discussions are fully focused on the challenges and solutions to develop and implement novel RSV vaccines/mAbs and therapeutics for the benefit of patients.  

RSV webinars for the general public

Open webinars for the general public are also organised targeting parents, caregivers, the elderly, midwives, nurses, the press, and anyone interested in RSV. The aim of these webinars is:

  • to provide information about RSV disease and the latest developments in the RSV field, using a scientific article, and;
  • to allow attendees the opportunity to ask questions to Dr. Lieke de Vrankrijker, who is a paediatrician;
  • to provide a forum for patients to engage with each other and share their experiences.

To facilitate this discussion, ReSViNET offers a low-threshold platform for these webinars. The webinars are delivered in English and simultaneously translated into French, Spanish, Dutch, Swahili, and Hindi. The webinars are recorded, and the recorded version can also be viewed in Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, and Portuguese.

More information on the upcoming webinars