PROMISE third general assembly meeting took place on 7th and 8th of September 2022 in Brussels. This was an important milestone for the project, where consortium partners, affiliated partners and advisory boards were able to share and celebrate the progress made during the first 10 months of the project.

Published On: November 30, 2022

The PROMISE GAM welcomed an excellent keynote speaker, Prof Hannah Moore, Program Head of Infections and Vaccines at Wesfarmers Centre for Vaccines and Infectious Diseases, Telethon Kids Institute and Affiliated partner in PROMISE, who gave an insightful talk about COVID-19 epidemiology in Western Australia. One of the key reflections provided was how COVID-19 pandemic uncovered how much we don´t know about RSV and how community awareness of RSV is increasing as a consequence of the attention brought to respiratory diseases. 

Testimonials from patients were key in this GAM. The whole Consortium had the chance to listen live to parents’ testimonials who explained their experience and provided invaluable input about their perspective on RSV disease. Their views are extremely important to help researchers from both academic, public and industry side not to lose perspective of what PROMISE aims to achieve in the fight against RSV. 

The early career researchers (ECRs) in PROMISE, who are very involved in the implementation of the project, gave excellent talks about their research. Additionally, a workshop on Careers Beyond Academia led by industry members and targeting ECRs took place with the objective of providing useful and practical career advice to the junior academic researchers. This session was followed by a speed dating activity where small groups of young researchers had the chance to chat and discuss informally with industry members about career perspectives.

PROMISE  International Scientific Advisory Group (ISAG) and Ethics Advisory Board (EAB), provide independent scientific and ethics advice to the project. Some of the advisory group members participated in this GAM and shared their feedback and advise at the end of the meeting, in order to continue improving within the project and be able to face the forthcoming challenges! 


Harish Nair, PROMISE Project Coordinator (The University of Edinburgh)

“After 2 1/2 years this was the first face to face meeting for most of us. This was also the first time, the PROMISE Consortium members were able to meet each other face to face and have open discussions regarding the progress in the project, the challenges we face and plans to overcome. The two days allowed us to bond together as a team and appreciate the rapidly changing landscape in RSV research in a post-COVID world.”


Louis Bont, PROMISE Project Co-coordinator (UMC Utrecht) 

“The first face to face meeting after so many online meetings was a success. It was valuable to meet everyone in person and see the progress of PROMISE. It reminded me of the importance of this partnership in the current exciting times, with RSV prevention for all infants within reach in the coming years.”


Charlotte Vernhes, PROMISE Project Leader (SANOFI) 

“This first in person General Assembly Meeting for PROMISE coincided with the closing of the RESCEU project and allowed all partners to both celebrate and renew their commitment to collaborating in the fight against RSV. It also gave the patient representatives and early career researchers an opportunity to share their views and solidify their central role in the consortium. Like many, I came out of this event re-energized and confident in the strength and power of this partnership.” 

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PROMISE third GAM represented a unique opportunity to meet face-to-face for the very first time and discuss next steps and challenges to come.

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