The Rules of Collaboration document, created by the PROMISE consortium members, displays how the neutrality of the public partners is maintained over some identified sensitive topics in this public-private partnership.

Published On: June 16, 2023

PROMISE aims to significantly advance the understanding of RSV to aid in the design of public health strategies as well as the development and use of vaccines and therapeutics in both children (including maternal vaccinations) and older people. More specifically, WP2 will foster a consensus and develop an operational plan for an expanded coordinated RSV surveillance, which will help prepare for decision making for introduction and post-licensure monitoring and evaluation of future products for RSV immunisation across Europe.

The Consortium is formed by a public-private partnership (PPP) composed by both public and industry organisations. The project is built on the four IMI cornerstones: joint interest, shared decision-making process, joint funding, and transparent reporting. In order to better define the collaborative framework of the project and to clarify the roles of the public and private partners involved in the different tasks, the project has developed a Rules of collaboration document, which aims to set rules of engagement with full transparency to all external stakeholders involved or interested in being part of WP2 activities such as the WHO, ECDC, or public institutions. These Rules of Collaboration document is the result of various review rounds by both public and private partners and was finally endorsed and approved by the PROMISE Steering Committee on 10 November 2022.

Our goal is to maximise the outreach of our project results, so everyone can benefit, especially citizens, and can be used more broadly, including by external stakeholders.

Click here for the Rules of Collaboration Document.

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