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RSV Patient Network/ReSViNET

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WP2 - Preparation for future RSV product assessment

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This is the first report of the annual RSV Awareness Week, organised by the RSV Patient Network. The RSV Awareness week is a special week at the beginning of November, in which the RSV Patient Network draws attention to and creates awareness about RSV around the expected start of the RSV season (in countries with a temperate climate in the Northern hemisphere). This report gives an overview of the activities of the RSV Awareness Week 2021 and their impact. It examines the effectiveness of the different activities on our social media channels. Results from previous years are compared with the results of the RSV Awareness Week 2021, to highlight our current strengths and identify areas for improvement for future campaigns, including RSV Awareness Weeks. This report will ultimately help us expand our global reach during future RSV Awareness Weeks. This report demonstrated that the international results of the Awareness Week of 2021 gained a greater total reach, engagements and page visitors compared to the Awareness Week of 2019 and 2020. We can conclude that AW’21 was a great success as we have increased awareness through the increase in followers, reach and engagements.

Published On: June 6, 2023